Friday, May 16, 2014

Really Pink Juice (Beet, Watermelon, Red Apple)

Beets are so very good for you. If you aren't fond of their flavor (they kind of taste like dirt) juicing them is a great way to consume them at the same time masking some of that earthy flavor. Why should you consume beets? Studies have shown that they help prevent liver disease, reduce blood pressure, and increase blood flow, which is an excellent thing for athletic folks and runners especially (source).

Since purchasing my Omega juicer last month, I have been experimenting with juicing both beets and their greens. I came up with this recipe after a few experiments with other fruits and am extremely pleased with the results. This Really Pink Juice is just delightful. It's bright pink and very fruity. In fact, it's hard to taste the beets at all. Fabulous!

Lizz's Really Pink Juice
3 fresh red beets
2 red delicious apples
Cut watermelon (see instructions)

Depending on the type of juicer you have you may need to cut these ingredients into smaller pieces. My Omega prefers pieces of about 3-5 inches long at 1/2-3/4 inches wide.

While it is recommended to rotate between your juicing ingredients you will only be using enough watermelon to finish making 2 servings. I eyeballed the amount I needed. It's okay to cut too much, though. After all, you can go back and eat it later.

Rotate between the ingredients but make sure you juice all of the beets and apples first, then finish with any more watermelon you may need in order to make about 32 ounces of juice. That's 2 large servings. 

Strain through a mesh sieve, if desired, and enjoy on ice!

I am celebrating juicing throughout the month of May. I was inspired by the folks at Foxy who recently launched a project called Rejuicinate, an initiative to get more people into not only juicing but using juice pulp in recipes, too. Click here for more juicing recipes

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