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Austin Vegan and Veg-friendly Food Truck/Trailer Guide

You may remember that I devoted each Friday last summer to sharing with my readers an awesome Austin-based vegan or vegan-friendly food truck. I called this endeavor Vegan Food Truck Fridays. It was a blast, especially because it meant that I got to go around to some new trailers and try out new dishes! I just adore food trucks. With my wedding coming up I don't feel like that's something I can repeat this year. Gotta save those pennies, y'know? To substitute, I came up with this guide. I present to you the vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly trucks and trailers located throughout the city of Austin, listed alphabetically complete with links to maps and websites. If all goes well, I'll update this list every spring!

I should mention, too, that food trucks come and go. It is always best to verify hours, stock, and location prior to visiting. Also, if I have missed your food truck I am certainly willing to add it to this guide. Please note, though, that your menu must have vegan items to choose from. Contact me with the information at contact at lizzdelicious dot com and we can get started.

Clicking a trailer's name will bring you to their website. Clicking on their location(s) will open Google maps. Also, you can browse via location to find a truck close to you by using the Google map below, or by clicking this link.

1104 East 6th Street
Temporarily closed due to trailer issues! 
While Austin has a ton of vegan food trucks, Arlo's is definitely one of the most popular because of the crazy awesome vegan burgers they make. They make the patties in house which means they really aren't like anything you've had before. If you're not into burgers, you can get other really cool food like their street tacos with house-made beefy veggie crumble, pico, and chipotle sauce.

603 W. Live Oak Street
Quite possibly Austin's most unique food truck personality, Bananarchy specializes in frozen bananas. You can order a half a banana or a whole one, then have it dipped in regular or vegan chocolate and have it rolled in some truly fab toppings like crushed Oreos, shredded coconut, fruit, and granola. Be sure to ask about which toppings are vegan; there are a lot of options.
BBQ Revolution
701 53rd Street
Truly awesome all-vegan barbecue right here in Austin! You can order a "Wheat Roast Brisket," "Smokey Soy Curls," and "Garbanzo Tempeh Ribs." Sides include spicy jalapeno mac 'n cheese and vegan coleslaw. This is real barbeque with a smoker and everything. Really, freaking good. And they're situated at the nearly 100% vegan trailer lot with other greats like Red Rabbit Bakery and Unity Vegan Kitchen.

Baton Creole
907 East 6th Street
May be relocating soon!
Serving Cajun food in Austin! They often have vegan specials at the beginning of the month. Previous special vegan menu items have included crab cakes, gumbo, and potato leek soup. Trailer is bright pink. You can't miss it!

Blenders and Bowls
Offering a selection of vegan smoothies. Their cafe location has an expanded menu. There's the "Beach House" with pineapple, banana, strawberry, and guava juice, the "Dream Boat" with acai, strawberry, blueberries, and vanilla almond milk, and the "Kale Kreation" with kale, apple, banana, almond butter, and vanilla almond milk, just to name a few. They also offer bowls which are essentially smoothies topped with granola and whole fruit. They can be made vegan if requested (most come with honey). Pretty neat concept. The food truck portion can be found on select dates at specific locations. Verify any events with the website.

The Mediterranean Chalupa at Bufalo Bob's
Bufalo Bob's prides themselves on their down to earth, all-natural menu. Their an omni truck that loves catering to veggies and vegans. Their specialty is chalupas (tostadas with refried beans and toppings). The trailer was closed for a time in February due to Bob's passing at the beginning of the month. His wife, Evan, is back making chalupas now. Be sure to try Bob's "Texas hummus" made with pinto beans and beer. It's not to be beat. For additional photos and menu notes, consult my write-up for Vegan Food Truck Fridays.

Candy Cart
1620 East Riverside Drive
An all-natural candy shop on wheels, Candy Cart carries a number of organic, vegetarian, and vegan sweets and snacks. They carry one of my favorite kinds of mints, Sencha, as well as Alter Eco chocolate and other snackier items like World Peas. Candy Cart let me know via Twitter that they'll be carrying their own brand of treats soon, too. Keep an eye out for that.

The BBQ Seitan Wrap at Conscious Cravings.

Conscious Cravings
5715 Burnet Road and 1311 South 1st Street and 2021 Guadalupe Street and University Ave at West 21st
This series of vegetarian food trucks can be found throughout the city. Everything on the menu can be made vegan by omitting things like cheese and opting for vegan sauces. Cheese can be subbed with vegan cheese, too. Wraps and salads are their deal. All the options are tasty and affordable but my favorite is definitely the chimichurri seitan wrap. Baked rosemary fries are a must. For a more complete write-up of this eatery, check out my Vegan Food Truck Fridays post.

1905 South Capital of Texas Hwy
A new take on the ice cream truck! CoolHaus makes gourmet ice cream sandwiches to order. Vegan options are available and flavors change daily. Most vegan choices will be sorbet. You can also take their cookies and pints to go and make your own sandwiches at home as needed.

East Side King
2310 South Lamar and 1618 E 6th St
And now for something completely different, East Side King is an Asian food truck with a number of vegan and veg-friendly options especially at their South Lamar location. For instance, the "Mochi Taco" is vegetarian and can be made vegan. It consists of mochi in a moo shu wrap topped with bico, yuzo kosho salsa, avocado, basil, cilantro, and mint. They also have a Brussels sprouts salad which consists of fried sprouts, a sweet and spicy sauce, shredded cabbage, basil, cilantro, mint, onion, and jalapeno on a deep-fried bun. The Wonderland location seems to be the only one without a lot of vegan options.

1108 East 6th Street
Where can you get vegan corn dogs in Austin? Why, at FireSoul! You can get a "Fiery Vegan Dog" with sweet potato fries and brown mustard. You can also enjoy a deep fried avocado with the same batter (just specify you want it to be vegan). Other menu items look pretty vegan-friendly (salads and wraps). Be sure to inquire. The Red Hot Vegans blogtipped me off to this one!

Gonzo Juice
1104 East 6th Street
Vegan offerings include fresh, seasonal juices and smoothies made with almond butter, almond milk, orange juice, and apple juice. They have a seitan sandwich, which comes with vegetarian toppings but can probably be made vegan upon request as well as an all-vegan sandwich called the Peter Rabbit. It sounds really good; house made seitan, carrot slaw, grilled mushrooms, vegan ranch, and lettuce. Yum!

Guac 'N Roll
9001 N I-35 at Rackspace or 4112 Medical Pwky at the Draught House or Other (check site)
If you're crazy for guacamole, Guac 'N Roll is your place. You can get it traditional style, called "Guac Star," or you can try something different with the "Saba O'Riley" (avocados, radish, jicama, onion, crunchy peas, and balsamic) or their "Guac the Casbah" (avocados, cuke, raisins, and sesame seeds). And those are just the vegan options for guacamole! The menu also includes a few types of salsa and treats like vegan horchata and granitas. Other vegetarian items are on the menu, for the non-vegans.

Mambo Berry
801 Barton Springs Road
Frozen yogurt stand with vegan smoothie options. All of their smoothies can be made dairy-free. Flavors include strawberry basil, mango cucumber, and blueberry lemon spinach. Other vegan menu items include wheatgrass and matcha green tea shots. They make vegan tamales, too. Mmm!

Mission Dogs
1412 East 6th Street
Actually a hot dog cart! These guys are Austin's home of the bacon wrapped hot dog. They do, however, carry Field Roast sausage for we conscientious objectors. Said sausage can be used in place of any of their menu items. As Field Roast is my favorite brand of meat analogs, this sounds like a great plan to me! Only open a few days each week. Check website for hours.

Mr. Fruit Cup
415 Jessie Street
Austin's specialty parfait purveyors, Mr. Fruit Cup has a vegan version of nearly every ingredient they use. Their concept is inspired by Mexican street vendors that serve fruit sprinkled with various toppings in handy to-go cups. Fruit choices include berries, melon, apple, jicama, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. You can top your choices with sauces like masala yogurt, soy whipped cream, and bee free honey. They even have flavored vinegars to choose from!

1207 South First Street
Even food trucks can do Mediterannean! Check out Pitalicious for your pita fix. Vegans can choose from the "Vegan-licious" which is hummus in a pita with parsley, onion, pickles, and tomatoes, and the Falafel pita which is "100% vegetable" with a mix of beans and greens. The Falafel pita comes with parsley, onion, pickled turnips, and tomatoes, though it isn't marked vegan on the menu. Double check with the server if you're wary!

Pulse Vegan
603 W Live Oak Street
A vegan sandwich shop with menu items like "The Philly" which is a cheese steak alternative made with house made seitan, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and vegan cheese and the "The TSC" which consists of seasoned tofu, spinach, and carrots. They've got sides like home fries and vegan mac 'n cheese, too.

Red Rabbit Bakery Co-op
701 East 53rd Street
A part of me thinks that words cannot do this particular trailer justice. Red Rabbit makes absolutely perfect vegan donuts in a myriad of flavors like maple walnut, Mexican chocolate, and Austin cream. They also produce amazingly excellent baked goods of other kinds, like zucchini muffins and orange cardamon cinnamon rolls. High quality stuff. They are parked at the vegan food park with BBQ Revolution, Taco 'Bout It, and Unity Vegan Kitchen. For more photos and a write-up of their grand opening event, check out my Vegan Food Truck Fridays post.

913 East Cesar Chavez
Get your classic deli sandwich made vegan at Shhmaltz! All of their 'wiches have fun names, like the "Helen Frankethaler" which is filled with falafel, tomato, cabbage, and tahini in flatbread. They make their own seitan to resemble pastrami and have a mock tuna, too.

Taco 'Bout It
701 East 53rd Street
Now fully vegan! This previously veg-friendly food truck has an updated menu. It is now 100% vegan which has rounded out the North Loop trailer yard as a 100% vegan food truck park in Austin, Texas. Quite possibly the first all-vegan trailer yard in the US! But anyway, vegan tacos. Lots of options. Check it out.

The Just Peachy smoothie from the Juice Well.

The Juice Well
1309 Rosewood Blvd.
This vegetarian food truck specializes in freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices. They also make smoothies from coconut water and nut butters like cashew and almond. Both are amazingly delicious and the smoothies are very powerful and filling. Food is sold as well, usually tacos and tamales. Some items may be vegan. Be sure to inquire! For some more photos and a complete write-up, consult my Vegan Food Truck Fridays Post.

A tempeh taco from the Vegan Nom.

The Vegan Nom
1505 Town Creek Drive
Another top favorite of mine, the Vegan Nom specializes in vegan breakfast tacos. Austin is crazy about breakfast tacos and the Nom surely does not disappoint. Most menu items come with their signature tofu scramble which is seasoned to perfection. You can also order a vegan fish taco called the Del Rey, they've got chili and sides, and they have a brunch menu for weekends now, too, which includes stuff like French toast. Sometimes they even have tofu brisket.

The Vegan Yacht
2908 Fruth St. at Spider House Cafe starting April 7.
I have been a huge fan of the Vegan Yacht since I moved to Austin. I usually bring any newcomers to the city to their trailer just because the food is so good. My favorite menu item is the Freeto Burrito, which is a wrap filled with chili and corn chips. It is SO good. They're mainly a wraps and sandwiches place. You can get mock chick'n wraps and tacos, and nearly everything is topped with a ton of carrots.

Unity Vegan Kitchen
701 East 53rd Street
This vegan food truck has an ethnically diverse menu. You can order an intense lasagna with lots of layers, muffaletta sandwiches on scratch made focaccia, vegan crab cakes, tostadas, and other dishes. I've even seen them make avocado cookies! Everyone at the Texas VegFest went crazy for their lasagna. I couldn't even check out what they were serving there were so many people swarming their tent.

Wasota African
1209 South 1st Street
An extensive vegan menu can be found at this African trailer. In fact, they have one of the most extensive menus I've ever seen for a food truck. For newbies, you can get the Wasota Platter which comes with akara (black-eyed pea based), sauteed spinach, plantain, and jollof rice. There's also the Ultimate Vegan Sandwich, a hoagie bun filled with diced plantain, spinach, cabbage, and black-eyed peas. And a ton of other options, too.

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