Friday, February 14, 2014

Saving the Date

I've always thought of January as being a great time of year during which to begin projects. I don't think I'm alone in this, either! Since the start of 2014, Chris and I have made a number of changes in our daily lives. We've started on the "clean eating" path, and are existing predominantly on whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. Both of us are feeling great, by the way, surprisingly so. I start my day with a big green smoothie and it has really improved my attitude and energy levels! She and I have also gotten back into Geocaching, we bought a rebounder, and are taking walks everyday during our lunches. Neither of us have ever been very big into fitness, but we are both in it for the long run this time.

The most significant venture she and I have taken on this year, though, is planning our October wedding! Chris and I have been together since 2008 (our six year anniversary approaches!). We got together after being best friends for over a year. She surprised me with an engagement ring about a year after that. Or rather, I found it by accident, hahaha. The fact that we're a same-sex couple living in Texas, though, has been putting our wedding plans on the back burner. When the federal government said they would begin acknowledging legal marriages of same sex couples despite their state of residence we knew we should start planning something. Then when the courts in New Mexico decided that refusing marriage licenses to gay couples was against their constitution we had our sign to get going!

She and I will be legalizing our partnership in New Mexico on October the 12th. I'll be writing more about it as we plan everything out. I am really hoping to have a vegan wedding. We are, of course, the only vegans in the family. Some of our family will be helping us pay for the food, too. I am hopeful that we can find an affordable caterer with vegan offerings in Santa Fe, but we may have to resort to a vegetarian pizza party instead. It would make me sad, but beggars really can't be choosers. When I told my mom we may not be able to find vegan options the whole family can enjoy, it seemed to upset her a bit. She seems convinced that we not only CAN do it but we SHOULD since it's something that we really want. I appreciate her support :-)

So far, we've booked our venue and have made invitations. I'm trying to secure a group rate for our friends and family, all of whom will be traveling long distances to come. My mother (and probably her sisters) will be helping me pick out something to wear (most likely a dress) while they are visiting in April. I really don't want to look like a fluffy snowflake. Between the two of us, Chris is the one who had actually thought about what she envisioned for a wedding before. I never had hopes of what my wedding would be like as a kid. I just wasn't that interested! I am very much looking forward to finding something reasonable to wear. Ideally short, cute, and contemporary. No trains, no vales, no thank you. We'll see if my mother actually lets this happen... I actually had a nightmare on Saturday that I wound up in a long white thing with lace and poofs and I felt like I looked like a Barbie cake. I was happy in the dream, but it was definitely a nightmare!

I am, of course, most looking forward to having a honeymoon! One reason the two of us chose New Mexico over other states was that neither of us had really seen much of it before. I've only driven through on the way to California (during the 22 hour drive from hell after the plane tickets we bought were deemed "unhonorable" by United Airlines). In fact, we've forgone the traditional wedding registry in favor of a HoneyFund in hopes that family and friends will contribute to our adventure. In fact, you can, too, if you'd like. If anything, go take a look at it. I spent a lot of time adding graphics for each of our stops. It's pretty and I'm very proud of it. And it's also a great idea if you're researching alternative registries for yourself.

New Mexico actually has some pretty great vegan restaurants to try. I'm looking forward to sharing my meals at them with you, too. And I intend to document the rest of our adventure as well. As I usually do!

Chris and I will be celebrating our last February anniversary this coming weekend. We're going down to the art museum in San Antonio and will be finishing the day with dinner atGreen, our favorite vegetarian restaurant. It's kind of a tradition for us. The both of us felt like if this is going to be our last "dating anniversary" that we should make it a good one. We've celebrated it every February for five years, and it's going to be really strange switching that to October! A part of me thinks I can manage, though...

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