Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our 6th Anniversary Trip to San Antonio; Museum of Art and Green Cuisine

This past weekend, my beloved Christine and I traveled down to San Antonio for our anniversary. This is something we usually do for the occasion. We went to the zoo last year, which was a mistake, in retrospect. Everything was fun and seemed vegan-friendly until we saw their one elephant. By itself, walking in place. Our hearts just sank. There was no way we were going back there again. This year we opted for the San Antonio Museum of Art. Chris and I love art.

The two of us were happily surprised to discover that admission is free during certain hours on Sunday. Free art! We spent several hours wandering through the exhibits. They have a variety of collections there including ancient sculpture, contemporary art and portraits, Asian art and items, and an extensive collection of Latin American and folk art (which was my favorite area). The most impressive piece I felt that we encountered was a sand Buddhist medicine mandala that monks had made for them. It was amazing! A truly rare piece, as well. There are only four on display in the US. The custom is to wipe the sand away once the mandala is completed and a ritual has been performed. The ceremony is a teaching in the truth of impermanence. Getting up close with the piece was a real treat; you could see so many fine grains of colored sand which even created gradients. Definitely remarkable. Here's a video of a mandala being created. It takes hours, often several days.

Another fascinating display was the museum's collection of ancient glass. When we came upon it I could not recall seeing ancient glass anywhere before. We've been to a lot of museums and have seen a lot of ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian collections, but I don't ever remember seen a glass vase made in the Mediterranean before common era. And they were so pretty!

There were a number of areas in the museum that were freezing. I think this made us more tired than we should have been. After a few hours, we couldn't stand being so cold anymore. We were hungry, too. And we knew just where to go!

Our favorite vegetarian restaurant is Green in San Antonio. Their original location has been closed (which is so sad, it was really cute) but one of their new restaurants is located right down the street from the museum. In an old brewery! The new place is much bigger than the old one, and it was packed with people when we arrived at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Every item on the menu can be made vegan. In fact, it seems like most of the items are vegan though you can get them with real cheese and butter if that's how you roll. All of their desserts are vegan, everyday. 

The menu has changed since last year. They are pushing Gardein chicken replacement products. Our favorite onion rings were gone and in their place we saw an appetizer of chicken tenders instead. They did, however, still have our favorite; fried pickles.

I got the special of the day, which was a portobello steak with walnut parsley pesto, a side of mash, and steamed broccoli. It was very, very, good. Chris ordered the chicken fried chik'n. This dish used to use tofu as the base. It is now Gardein. She enjoyed it. I then ordered a cupcake for dessert.

I usually always get the Oreo cupcake. It is much, much better than I remember it. Other items in the bakery case included vegan brownies and Twinkies. Chris got a key lime cupcake to go. She said it was awesome.

We like Green a lot because it offers some real, high quality food. The kitchen staff is experienced and creative. We have never had a bad experience. And the patio is dog friendly :-)

It was a really nice way to spend our last "dating anniversary." We're getting married in New Mexico on October 12th so our anniversary will be moving after that point. Things with wedding planning are going just fine. My mother will be in Austin in about 1 month and a half and we will hopefully find me something to wear at that time. Food is still presenting us a challenge but the two of us and our moms are confident that we can find something perfect. It's going to be great and I'm so happy that we're finally doing it. Texas's gay marriage ban can't even put a damper in my spirit! I am just filled with love. But anyway, thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the museum and our favorite restaurant. Until next time, remember to love your vegetables!

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