Wednesday, December 11, 2013

15 Great Vegan Stocking Stuffer Ideas

All right, I've put off the Christmas posts for as long as I could. Welcome to December! It's not feeling very Christmasy in Austin just yet, but it will be this weekend when temperatures drop. Just in time for the Georgetown Christmas Stroll, yippee! I've started my shopping already and will begin my baking this weekend if time allows. In other words, I'm in full-on holiday mode, and the holiday blog posts are starting now!

It's the beginning of December and the beginning of the Christmas season, so I thought I should start my posts writing about something I begin Christmas with- stockings and stocking stuffers. I absolutely love everything about them! Honestly, though, before a couple of years ago, I was notorious for forgetting to do them. But now, I have a blast coming up with new ideas for adding extra excitement to our gift-giving traditions via stuffers. Of course, you can go the traditional route (like hard candy and gimmicky plastic toys) but why?? Especially when there are so many fantastic options that are vegan-friendly. Here are some of my best ideas!

  1. Jade Monk Matcha Tea - lightly sweetened with cane juice and stevia, these powdered green teas come in flavors, dissolve thoroughly, and are great warm or cold. Made in Austin, Texas, baby! Drop a few packets in each stocking, or just put a box in there for your tea-lover.
  2. Primal Strips Jerky - flavors include hickory smoked, mesquite lime, and Thai peanut. They have gluten-free strips as well. I cannot resist them.
  3. Sjaak's Vegan Chocolates - they make a number of vegan items. You can purchase a bag of holiday shaped treats wrapped in foil to add to all of the stockings on your mantle! In Austin, you can find them at Wheatsville.
  4. The Merry Hempster's Lip Balm - this is Chris's favorite type of lip balm. They make vegan and non-vegan varieties, so be sure you get the beeswax free kind. Flavors include peppermint! Very Christmasy! Other vegan lip balms will also suffice, obviously. I'm fond of the vanilla chai flavored Smoothing Touch.
  5. Starbucks Via - putting a few packets of Starbucks' instant coffee in Chris's stocking last year was a bit hit. You can also accompany it with some packets of SoyGo! If your stockings are large enough, feel free to put full containers instead of just packets.
  6. Alternative Baking Company Cookies - I have bought ABC's products for years. They have become my favorite packaged kind since Liz Lovely went gluten-free (sadface). Really tasty, many flavors, sure hit.
  7. Beer - mmm hmm! My brother and I used to pop a can of Foster's into my dad's stocking (along with a Kit Kat), so there's no reason you can't do the same with a vegan beer for your own beer-lover, vegan or otherwise. Word.
  8. Sweet & Sara products - the original or peanut butter s'mores fit perfectly inside of Christmas stockings. They are also zomg delicious and indulgent. In Austin, some of their items can be found at Wheatsville, Whole Foods, and Natural Grocers.
  9. Vegan Nail Polish - if you're into that sort of thing, it's a great idea! For a complete list of vegan brands, check out this post on the Logical Harmony website. Some are sold at national retailers.
  10. Cocomels - they sell them loose or in bags at my local health food stores. They are amazingly wonderful. I get mine from Wheastville and Natural Grocers.
  11. Nuts and Fruit - try something a little more old-fashioned with good ole nuts and fruit. You can use the 100 calorie packs of almonds, for instance, or add an apple or orange to your stockings. Fruit used to be an extravagant gift in yonder olden days, you know. Very traditional.
  12. Seeds - for planting, not eating! A great option for those with green thumbs. Aim for organic if you're gifting vegetable or herb seeds.
  13. Soap - just make sure it's wrapped up very well. Otherwise, any of your food gifts may taste soapy later.
  14. Recycled Toys and Ornaments - obtained from the Goodwill store. For added fun with less environmental strain.
  15. Handmade Items - the sky is the limit, here! Google some of your ideas and a plethora of tutorials are bound to emerge. Crocheted or cross-stitched iPod cases, anyone?
And there you have it, 15 Great Vegan Stocking Stuffer Ideas. If I find any of these in my stocking, I'll be happy. What about yourself? Do you have any suggestions of your own?I'd love to hear about some of your favorite stocking stuffers, so please give me a comment!

Happy holidays!

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