Monday, September 16, 2013

True Bistro's Gourmet Vegan Food

Chris and I had our busiest day on vacation, yet, on Tuesday. We headed right into Boston that morning determined to walk the Freedom Trail. It took us from 11am to 4:30pm to see everything from the Boston Common to the USS Constitution. And this included stopping to go inside the Paul Revere house and King's Chapel (where they were giving a pipe organ recital).

Ultimately, I would say the highlight of the experience was seeing our oldest commissioned warship, which is still afloat if you were unaware. The Constitution is massive and extremely solid. There was no creaking to be heard and if I hadn't been told she was still floating I may not have noticed her gentle back and forth sway below deck.

There were still sites we could have seen along the Trail, but we found ourselves sore, tired, and hungry and decided to hop back on the train and retrieve our car. There was also vegan food to be had before coming back to my mother's house for the Agents of Shield premiere!

I brought Chris to Somerville where True Bistro stands. This restaurant brings vegan dining to a new level. I ordered the house made ravioli which came with a walnut cream sauce. It was just like conventional ravioli, amazingly flavorful, filling, and decadent.

And for dessert, I gave their death by chocolate cake a whirl. The dish was more like a mousse or pie but it was amazing as well. Definitely worth the trip. Thanks for reading! I'll be writing more about my adventures later today!

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