Saturday, September 14, 2013

Travel Day

Hello from Baltimore! Today, Chris and I embarked on our trip to New Hampshire. After we dropped Rusty off at the kennel, we made an uneventful but quick trip down 35 to the airport and spent our flight to Atlanta watching the first third of Star Trek Into Darkness. We watched the second third on the way from there to here. There's been inclement weather all morning, everywhere, and I hope that it doesn't delay our final flight to Manchester. We'll be meeting my mother there and will be enjoying Chipotle for dinner when we get there. I know, I'm super excited that there's a Chipotle in New Hampshire! It's a state in desperate need of vegetarian options.Chris just enjoyed a veggie burger from BGR Burger Joint after reading on the JL Goes Vegan blog that the makers assured a vegan experience when ordering the item without cheese or a buttered bun. I wasn't hungry (I brought snacks) but I did share some of their fries with her. She said the burger tasted like barbecue sauce so I'm pretty sure I'm glad I didn't get one.My lovely app deleted most of this post so I'm just going to close with a picture from our travels. I'll write more tomorrow.

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