Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eating Vegan in Northern New Hampshire

So vacation is going really well. Yesterday, my family and Chris and I went up to the White Mountains. In my childhood, both of my parents used to take my brother and I to places like the Flume Gorge. So we brought Chris there to get some nice New Hampshire tourism into her trip. And it was pretty damned cold the whole time.

It was really fun, though. And I took a lot of neat pictures with my SLR. I don't really use my non-phone camera except for recipe photos so it was fun getting back to taking some nature shots. I just might get some of them printed to hang in my apartment.

After our trip through the Gorge's park, we drove up the Kancamagus to North Conway where we ate an early dinner at Moat Mountain. My brother was super excited to go there as he loves beer and pubs. They also had three vegan items on the menu (again, labeled as vegan) and the waitress was knowledgeable about vegan fries. In other words, she knew that their fries weren't vegan because they're made in the same oil as their fried fish and poultry.

Chris and I both ordered their veggie burger. She ordered it with grilled asparagus for a side while I added a small bowl of their vegan Thai peanut chili. The burger was great. It came with a nice heap of hummus and the patty was made with legumes and veggies. Very tasty. The asparagus was so great and caramelized. The vegan chili was delicious but so spicy.

It's so great that there are more and more vegan options at restaurants in New England. It amazes me that things are so different.

After dinner, we stopped at Zeb's General Store before heading home. When my family used to make salsa and cookie mixes, we sold our New Hampshire made products to them. Their store is cute and chock full of awesome treats and souvenirs. There were a number of vegan treats there, like this maple taffy.

We also bought maple hard candy, dark chocolate covered pretzels, and birch beer. If I had had more money we would have gotten more things, like locally made natural pickles, sauces, and even bath products. For more photos from Zeb's, click here.

And now, I'm ready for bed. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow, Chris and I will be getting one last bit of tourism in before ending vacation with a family painting session. Good night!

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