Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Trip to Cafe Indigo

As I've mentioned in times previous, I grew up in Southern New Hampshire. I first went vegan in 1998. There were no vegan restaurants. Today, however, there are vegetarian and vegan restaurants in some locations throughout the state. Cafe Indigo is one such place, and with award winning cuisine and Sunday brunch, I really wanted to start my culinary adventures there.

The restaurant was a little difficult to find. My gps took my partner, mother, brother, and I to a totally different business. I turned around and used my common sense to figure out where we were supposed to go. The cafe is fairly small, but you're greeted by a fully stocked bakery case upon entering. You'll also find a cooler filled with bake at home and take away items like vegan mac 'n cheese, lasagna, seitan, and veggie burgers. We were seated quickly and after mulling around the menu, three of us ordered the sampler plate while my brother went with cornmeal pancakes. It took a considerable amount of time to be served, but I enjoyed my food a lot. The sampler came with a cornmeal pancake, a slice of vegan French toast, lemon rosemary potatoes, veggie sausage, and tofu "scram" on top of coffee and a self serve table of little desserts and appetizers.

At first I felt like the price tag ($15 for brunch) was a bit much, but I left there stuffed and was happy with my meal. My favorite item was the French toast, which was made from cinnamon swirl bread! The lemon potatoes were really tasty, too. I commented to my brother about how much I enjoyed them (he thought they were too lemony) but I explained that in Texas, the same dish at Kerbey Lane would be all spicy sides with sweet pancakes and I much preferred Cafe Indigo's rendition. I did, however, think that the scram needed some nutritional yeast. If it had any in it, I really didn't taste it.

Ultimately, I enjoyed my meal quite a bit. If and when Chris and I move to New Hampshire, I can imagine us coming to Cafe Indigo regularly. 

After brunch, my family and I headed to the Mcauliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord so Chris could get her space on. That was pretty fun, too. And now we're headed over to my aunt's house for a family party. Chris has only ever met my immediate family- no aunts or cousins or grandparents. So, yeah, this will be fun. For more photos from Cafe Indigo, head on over to my Google+ album here. And for the space album, click on this one. Thanks for reading!

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