Monday, August 26, 2013

Vegan Food Truck Fridays: Treats Edition

Hey everyone! So, Vegan Food Truck Fridays is coming to a close in a few weeks. Unfortunately, Chris and I weren't able to hit up a new food trailer last weekend. We've been preoccupied trying to find her a new car (relatively speaking), which is an exhausting endeavor in 100+ degree temperatures.

But I still wanted to share some vegan friendly food truck options with my readers this week, so I'm going to highlight a few snack type options that are available from three different trailers located in Austin. I haven't been to any of these trailers, but they are legend amongst some of the other bloggers I currently follow.

South First & Live Oak
Do you like bananas? Do you like chocolate? Do you like being able to get a frozen banana covered in vegan chocolate until midnight on weekends? I thought you might! So head on over to Bananarchy for a frozen dipped banana rolled or sprinkled in toppings and quit complaining!

Mr. Fruit Cup
415 Jesse St.
This healthy option is a fruit lovers dream. Fruit cups filled with delicious fresh fruits and accompanied with toppings like marshmallow cream, masala yogurt, and even flavored vinegars. Stop by their website for a full vegan menu. Near Auditorium Shores! Fun in the sun (with fruit).

6th and Waller
Ice cream sandwiches meet gourmet at Coolhaus. Vegan options include flavors like blood orange and dark chocolate sorbet with ginger molasses and carrot cake cookies. Flavors change regularly, so be sure to ask the server what the vegan flavors are for the day. You can even do this on Twitter! Near Arlo's and Cheer Up Charlie's.

Thanks for reading, everyone. There are two more weeks until Labor Day, so I'll be sharing two more vegan friendly food trucks with you (if all goes to plan). Do you have any recommendations? Please, feel free to share via the comments box below.Also, if you'd like to check out the other Vegan Food Truck Friday posts, visit the initial post at this link, where you'll also find tips on surviving your food truck experience during extreme temps.

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