Friday, October 12, 2012

Dogtoberfest 2012

So I just got back from Dogtoberfest at the Domain and thought I would share a few pictures. I didn't go as camera happy as I usually do, mainly because having a dog has made me more of a responsible person. I find myself focusing more on my little guy and not photographing everything. He's a scaredy boo and there were a lot of dogs and people around and I wanted to protect him. But, anyway.

Dogtoberfest is a free event that takes place at the Domain every year. The Domain is kind of an upscale shopping and residential complex. It's not something you see in Texas much though I've seen places similar in New England and oversees that grew organically as opposed to as planned by a commercial entity.

The streets of the Domain's "Phase Two" are blocked off and vendors and non profits set up booths for customers to peruse that are full of information and samples. The event has a costume contest as well, and dressing your dog up is a very popular thing to do. The photo above was my favorite that I saw. A little chihuahua, named Georgie it seems, in a "Where's Georgie?" costume. The whole setup was on wheels. He was, of course, being pushed by a guardian that matched him. Very cute.

We entered a lot of raffles for things like gift baskets and free overnight boarding. Rusty tried some new jerky treats that are made locally. He seemed to love them and we bought a bag as a result. There seem to be so many dog bakeries in Austin now! Bentley's was there, too, which is a bakery and boutique on 183 and Anderson Mill that Chris and I are particularly fond of. Michelle, the owner, was handing out $5 off coupons which I am eager to spend. 

Our other purchase was a water bottle made especially for dogs. If you've ever traveled with your dog before, you know the hassle of bringing along a dish and a bottle. It can be messy and often difficult to get him to drink in a moving vehicle or while walking down the street. The Paws for Water bottle is similar to ones used in small animal cages; a ball uses gravity to keep the water from leaking out, but when the dog licks the ball, drops come out onto his tongue. They were having a sale as well. The bottles themselves were $15 and a coozie for the bottle was only $5 with your purchase. So, yes, we got both.

Throughout the day, visitors can watch Weenie Dog Races and demonstrations. Food vendors are set up in a small area, but the Domain has a number of restaurants you can choose from as well. The Steeping Room is right in the middle of the festivities, and their cafe is an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians as well as for everyone else. We didn't partake in any delicacies this time. You may remember me mentioning in my review of their restaurant that we first encountered the Steeping Room at Dogtoberfest. And I'm so glad that we did!

I haven't mentioned it just yet, but Rusty went to Dogtoberfest dressed like Captain America... Yes, everyone thought he was adorable. Chris and I wore somewhat matching t-shirts. Aaand we got our portrait taken at the photo booth at Neiman Marcus.

Yeah, we're a bunch of nerdy nerd nerds. But this picture is my favoritest thing ever. =)

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