Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Vegan-Friendly Boston Area Eateries You Should Try

Happy Saturday, readers! Please take this moment to enjoy the following guest post written by my Austin to Boston Food Swap partner, Michelle. I recommended that she write about some of her favorite places to nab tasty vegetarian eats. Here's what she decided to share with you!

Hello Lizz Delicious readers! My name is Michelle Collins, and I blog over at The Economical Eater. My blog focuses on affordable vegetarian recipes and local restaurant reviews – I’m also a big fan of craft beer, so you see a good amount of that on my blog, too. But for this guest post, Lizz asked me to share some of my favorite local restaurants (in no particular order) that have a good amount of vegetarian and/or vegan options. So, if you ever find yourself in the Boston area, make sure to give one (or two) of these a try:
  1. Cambridge Common - Cambridge: I live within walking distance of this Porter Square restaurant and craft beer bar, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. The prices are very reasonable, the beer list is extensive, and the vegetarian food options are plentiful. Some of my favorites: the Homemade Black Bean Burger, Grilled Cheese and Soup, and the Avocado Eggs Benedict (served at brunch). Their soup of the day is also always vegetarian.
  2. True Bistro - Somerville: This more upscale eatery – located in Teele Square – is 100 percent vegan. The chef pays close attention to high quality, healthy ingredients, and the menu reflects the current season. On a recent visit, I had homemade tagliatelle with cashew cream sauce and smoked tofu, as well as a dreamy pumpkin cheesecake (you can see the full review here). Note: Photo of this dish is located above.
  3. The Elephant Walk - Boston, Cambridge and Waltham: Serving French and Cambodian food in a casual-meets-upscale atmosphere, The Elephant Walk is one of my favorite intimate dining locations in the area. I’ve dined here many times, and the food is consistently delicious. Some of my regular orders include the Vegan Rouleaux (Cambodian spring rolls with shiitake mushroom, noodles, peanuts, carrots and onions); and the Vegan Organic Tofu Citronnelle (organic tofu, flash-fried and sautéed in a lemongrass sauce with onion, peas, red bell pepper, scallion and peanuts). Their menu also boasts an impressive list of gluten-free dishes. Note: Photo of the Vegan Rouleaux is located below.
  4. Five Horses Tavern – Somerville: Potato Tacos, Vegetable Lo-Mein, and Heirloom Tomato Pizza are just a few of the varied dishes served at this recently opened but incredibly popular tavern. With a passion for craft beer and a taste for all different kinds of cuisine, it’s hard not to find something new and interesting to try here. Oh, and the entire staff wears flannel shirts, which makes my New Hampshire-born heart melt!
  5. Red Bones Barbecue – Somerville: Believe it or not, this BBQ joint has quite a few vegetarian options. As long as you can stand the smell of pulled pork, I suggest dining here for the sides alone. They do serve a veggie burger and portabello mushroom sandwich, but both are pretty lackluster. The real shining stars here are the sides and starters, specifically the Corn Pudding, Hushpuppies, and Candied Yams. I crave their Corn Pudding – topped with their various, flavorful sauces - at least once per week. (Side note: Although I’ve never tried it, people rave about Red Bones’ Mac N’ Cheese, too).
There are plenty of other vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurants in the Boston area that I frequent, but these are just some of my favorites. If you’re planning a trip out here anytime soon, feel free to email me at for any other questions or suggestions!

If you're a Boston or New England based vegetarian or vegan in need of a new blog to follow, visit Michelle and her blog at The Economical Eater today! Thanks for the post, Michelle!

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