Friday, September 28, 2012

Yarr, Capital City Bakery Makes Vegan (Pirate) Cakes

Ahoy! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! What better time than to share me piratey cake with ye?

Okay, moving on.

There are many things I love about my wonderful partner. In addition to sharing many common interests, I admire her sense of humor as well as her constant enthusiasm for most things. Celebrating birthdays are something the both of us enjoy a lot. When mine came this past June, I wasn't really in the mood for anything resembling a party (I was turning 30, after all). We had a great day, most definitely, but I didn't provide her with anything to work with in terms of what to do or how to celebrate it, hahaha. Well, I decided I wanted to go a bit overboard with hers, so that's what I did. Eek!

And because we are so mature and are the complete opposite of nerds, I asked her what kind of theme she would like. I believe the choices were space, dragons, and pirates. Her response was overwhelmingly in favor of pirates.

I procured an abundance of pirate themed party supplies including but not limited to a birthday banner, masks, plates and napkins, cake candles, goodie bags, and more. My next step was to set about ordering a pirate themed vegan birthday cake.

Enter Capital City Bakery, a well-known Austin bakeshop serving delicacies like cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and Italian sodas from a food trailer counter near the UT campus. 

I knew I would get my money's worth from seeing pictures of the amazing custom order cakes owner and operator Kristen has made and shared with loyal customers on Instagram. I didn't really have anything specific in mind so I gave the vague request for blue frosting, a pirate hat or ship, and the words "Yarr, Happee Birthdae!" And that's exactly what I got!

I grabbed some other treats while I was there; a raspberry Italian soda with "cream" and a Strawberry Blonde cupcake. It took all of my effort not to finish the soda before I got home (you can see it pictured, in the background)! It was so, so tasty. And I got stuck in traffic (Friday afternoon, Labor Day weekend, Guadalupe, you understand) which made the Strawberry Blonde look a bit tired by the time I got home. But it was fabulous as well. 

The strawberry frosting was flavorful without being overdone and the vanilla cake was fluffy and not dense, which a lot of vegan cupcakes can sometimes be.

Chris and I had only been to the bakery once before (after it was closed- oops). Last time we purchased a chocolate brownie with peanut butter frosting and an oatmeal cookie sandwich.

They were as delicious as they look, most definitely.

After my snack, I decorated our apartment and added balloons to the mix and went out to pick up a copy of Pirates: Band of Misfits. See what I mean about the overdoing it part!? We went out to dinner at The Steeping Room, watched our movie, and looked forward to cake and presents the next day.

I won't share any pictures from opening gifts because Chris is self-conscious (love you, babe!) but here's another one of the cake. It was awesome. I ordered a 4" and cut it into four pieces. Look at how cute the frosting is. Squee!

Just so you know, we got vanilla funfetti and vanilla frosting. I typically gauge cake on how much it makes me feel like I'm in a sugar coma when I'm done eating it. A slice of this cake was the perfect level for me. I could have eaten more if I had the option (that last slice would be for Chris for later). It was such a wonderful birthday and I'm glad I made Capital City Bakery a part of it!

There are so many vegan options when it comes to baked goods here in Austin. I am frequently asked which bakery or brand is the best and I honestly just can't pick one. Each has their unique flavors, textures, and presentation. The best option? Try a little bit from everywhere, and keep on going back when you're done!

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