Saturday, September 15, 2012

Austin's Conscious Cravings

Howdy howdy. I'm hoping that all of my lovely readers had an excellent weekend. Mine was busy. Busy but fun. Chris and I didn't get around to trying to fix the washing machine, but we did do a lot of other things. I'll be sharing them with you during the coming week. In the meantime, though, I'd like to share another great vegetarian restaurant with you.

You may have noticed that I have a thing for food trucks. Typically, a food truck (or trailer) does one thing but does it extremely well. There are taco trucks, ice cream trucks, trailers that serve only baked goods and coffee, and there food trucks made just for dogs (not hot dogs, canine dogs). Vegan food trucks are like most conventional ones; they have a limited but specific menu and most of what they offer is really freakin' good.

Conscious Cravings is no exception to that rule. Their menu is predominantly made of wraps and they offer salads and smoothies as well. Nearly everything is vegan or is vegan-friendly (cow's milk cheese is available). When in doubt, though, always double check with the cook/server.

My first Conscious Cravings experience was at their South 1st St. location. My stepsister Marissa headed down the east coast and stopped in Texas on her way to California. She had just graduated from university and was continuing on with grad school, taking the long way for more fun and life experience (I presume!). She had spent a semester at the University of Texas and had fallen in love with Torchy's Tacos. There just so happened to be a trailer park eatery with both establishments and this is where we chose to meet for lunch as she journeyed through the Lone Star state.

I ordered the Chimichurri Seitan Wrap from Conscious Cravings and absolutely loved it. The chimichurri sauce was amazingly good; an excellent blend of spicy and tart. Yum! And the seitan it covered had a hearty, beefy flavor. Surprisingly good for being so simple, and so CHEAP! All of their wraps cost five bucks. Win.

About a month later, Chris and I brought her mom down to the Longhorn Food Court assuming that there would be options for vegans and meat eaters alike. Unfortunately, the noodle place I had told her about was nearly sold out for the day and was only serving soup. It wasn't really what she was looking for! But she sat with Chris and I while we ate our BBQ Seitan Wraps (afterward we brought her to Wheatsville where she got a cheesy sandwich). I oohed and ahhed over my wrap throughout the entire experience because it was just. That. Good. Check it out.

Sweet, spicy, and filling. Sigh.

And I don't usually like BBQ anything! Something just told me I should try it and I am ever so happy that I did. It was awesome. 

Another great thing Conscious Cravings has going for it is their perfect little rosemary fries. They're baked but crispy and flavorful. They taste healthy but delicious at the same time!

They also offer chips, cookies, and several different things to drink, should you feel so inclined.

And there are so many other things on their menu that sound fantastic, like the Couscous Salad (with olives, tomatoes, cilantro, and tamari), their Mango Smoothie (made with sorbet!), and their Spicy Chickpea Wrap (Indian spices, chickpeas, lettuce, and "green sauce"). Gluten-free substitutes and options are available, too.

Of the two locations, I would recommend the Longhorn Food Court over the Trailer Park Eatery. Why, do you ask? Because it's nearly 100% vegetarian and one of their neighbors is another one of my favorites, Capital City Bakery. You could easily snag a BBQ Seitan Wrap and follow it with a Strawberry Blonde cupcake. What a way to spend an evening!

Happy eating!

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