Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Release at Sweet Ritual

There is definitely something to be said about Austin and its restaurants. Even vegans can choose from eats including barbecue, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian. There are even establishments devoted entirely to vegan baked goods and sweets!

Sweet Ritual is one such place. Located inside of the Daily Juice, the vegan ice cream parlour serves soft serve in two flavors each week with an abundance of toppings and special themed sundaes.

I first learned about this wonderful little place online after their first Kickstarter funding project. I waited and waited and waited for them to open but didn't even make it down to their location prior to the Texas VegFest in March this year. Little did I know what I was missing out on!

Sweet Ritual's vegan soft serve tastes like nothing else. It, quite simply, blows any packaged vegan ice cream out of the water. You want caramel sauce that tastes as good as the "real" thing? Sweet Ritual has it. Vegan donut holes and marshmallows on top. Yes, please!

My favorite sundae thus far has been the Rabbit Hole made with white coffee ice cream, vegan donut holes, and raspberry sauce. Amazing! Chris was more than pleased with her After School Special which has raspberry and peanut butter sauces with Spanish peanuts.

The strawberry soft serve they offered during Mother's Day week was exquisite, too. And marshmallows as a topping really are the best thing ever.

In addition to soft serve cones and sundaes, Sweet Ritual also offers shakes, like the "Not-Tella" and "Faux Butterfinger."

If you're in the mood for a specialty coffee beverage, your options include, but are not limited to, a "Creamy Coconut Latte," "Lavender Mocha," or "Affogato."

Various toppings include gummy worms, Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, and Chick -o- Sticks. You can get chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, and even lavender sauces and syrups as well!

Their menu changes mid-week, though they always have vanilla on tap. The best way to keep up with what they've got is to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Open Monday through Friday 12-10 and Saturday and Sunday from 10-10, Sweet Ritual is the perfect spot for a delicious vegan snack. Start off with a vibrantly healthy juice or smoothie from the Daily Juice counter before your treat and you've got yourself a complete meal.

If you're not from Austin but are planning a visit, you should definitely make a trip. You won't be disappointed!

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