Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Vegan Friendly Father's Day

Not of all our dads are vegan (I know mine isn't) but even vegans buy Father's Day presents. Much like my Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Gift post, this one is devoted to providing you with some vegan-friendly gift ideas great for herbivore dads or otherwise.

There really is never a shortage of vegan cookbooks anymore. It's very exciting to me. Here are a few dad-inspired choices that could make great gifts for vegan dads.
  • Vegan Cooking for Carnivores This book professes to feature recipes that won't leave carnivores missing the same thing. It's a high-quality cookbook with tons of photos.
  • Grilling Vegan Style - A neat book with a variety of recipes including those for burger patties, grilled vegetables, and more. 
  • The Best Veggie Burgers On the Planet - I'm excited for this one; it has 101 recipes for burgers and other burger related edibles. And it's all vegan! I'm going to buy myself a copy of this one soon.
My dad loves beer. If your dad loves beer, too, you can consider a variety of options that are beer-related. And beer is vegan! Woo hoo!
  • The Beer of the Month Club - For $37.50 per month, your dad will be sent 12 bottles of craft beer, three different kinds per month. Their current promotion includes 3 additional gifts. And you can even order a specific number of months, not all 12.
  • Brewhouse Gift Certificates - House beer, craft beer, and co-op beers are growing in popularity. My dad loves going to a tavern that has its own beer on tap. A website called Pub Quest can help you find one in your hometown.
  • Beer Soap - Many Etsy crafters make soap with beer, including HomeBrewedSoap. They're currently running a promotion where you can get 3 bars for $19.50 with 5 scents to choose from. They assure you that you (or your dad) will not smell like beer, but their beer-based soaps come in scents (like Earth, Cracklin' Campfire, and Adventure) that are great for guys.
I've also been getting my dad quirky gifts since I was in elementary school. Here are some fine websites and retailers that have a lot of handmade, fair trade, and/or unique gifts your dad might like.
  • Ten Thousand Villages - A fair trade marketplace, Ten Thousand Villages has a page devoted to Father's Day Gifts. I found a few things that are especially neat, like an eyeglasses holder, "World Peace Sign," and picture frame made from a bicycle chain.
  • World Market - This is one of my favorite stores! It's very earthy and has a lot of seasonal items all the time. I got my Father's Day gifts here last year. This year, it seems like they have some decent man cave stuff. They also have a page devoted to the holiday. These tie shaped bottle openers are pretty cool, as is this game called "Beer Smarts." They have many more products, like hot sauces and other gourmet foods, in store.
But the best ideas will always come from you; after all, you know your dad better than I do. Feel free to let me know if you find some other vegan-friendly gifts for Father's Day. I would love to hear your suggestions!

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