Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Minute Vegan Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this coming weekend, guys. That means there isn't much time left for you to order your mom things on the Internet, or to even find her nice things in stores. If your mom is vegan, or you'd just like to encourage her veganish tendencies, here are a few items you should be able to find easily enough that are still bound to make her Mother's Day full of fondness.

Barnes & Noble typically has a variety of vegan cookbooks written by Donna Klein. Supermarket Vegan and Vegan Italiano are among them. Klein's recipes are easy to follow and have healthy ingredients that are easy to find. She also does a great job at utilizing different flavors (unlike some authors who focus a lot on tomatoes, for instance).

You're also likely to find a number of books by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero of Post Punk Kitchen fame. I highly recommend Moskowitz's Vegan Brunch, having recently purchased it from their booth at the Texas VegFest in March. 

Some other popular choices right now include the recently published Vegan Cooking for Carnivores (though I don't really agree with the title based on the content I saw while flipping through it) and The Sexy Vegan Cookbook. That one looked awesome and I plan on buying it later to read on my iPad. It has recipes in there that use meat substitutes, cocktail recipes, and other hearty stuff. Approved!

Coffee and tea make great gifts. Take a trip to your local health food store and buy some fair trade and/or gourmet coffee for mom. Some brands I'm fond of include Green MountainNew EnglandPeet's, and Equal Exchange.

I highly recommend giving tea as a gift, too. I used to buy my mom a grapefruit green tea every year because a percentage of the profits went to breast cancer research. It was made by The Republic of Tea. Any of their varieties are excellent, though. YogiStash, and Tazo are some more of my favorite brands. In addition to plain green and black teas, herbal and floral flavors would make excellent gifts as well, like the Republic's "Pineapple Lychee Hibiscus." 

Homemade sugar cookies or shortbread would go excellently with a gift of tea! Or, pick a few varieties and try your hand at making a tea gift basket.

Vegan beauty products and even soaps and shampoos used to be hard to find. Nowadays, a trip to your local health food or natural food store will provide you with a myriad of choices. Some of my favorite brands include Hugo NaturalsKiss My FaceAubrey Organics (they have a wonderful, flowery facial lotion), and EO (their lemon verbena lotion is deliciously fragrant!). Lavender is a very popular scent, though anything with sandalwood, lemon verbena, and citrus would make wonderful gifts as well.

And, if you're in the mood to be creative, the following recipes are bound to be a hit:
You can't go wrong with homemade breakfast or dinner on Mother's Day.

So, yeah! Those are my ideas. I got my mother a tofu press this year, but I'm pretty sure you can only find those online and it may not arrive before Sunday if you ordered it today. Sorry! I also got her something off of this list, but I can't specify which one because mom just so happens to be a reader...

Have a great Mother's Day, moms!

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